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1965 SS Impala Convertible Radio Parts USA


Radio Parts USA for the 1965 Chevrolet Impala
If you own a 1965 Chevrolet Impala convertible, you can find great prices on radio parts and accessories
for the vehicle. Its 3.5 L V6213 CID engine produces 211 horsepower (157 kW) and 214 lb-ft of torque.
These vehicles also have a number of features, including XM Satellite Radio, Leather-appointed seats,
and Fog lamps.
1964-19663.5 L V6213 CID211 hp (157 kW)214 lbft (290 Nm)
If you’re looking for a radio for your classic 1964-1966 SS Impala convertible, you’ve come to the right
place. These radios come with free shipping when you purchase the radio and stereo system from a
reputable source in the USA. You’ll be glad you did! We carry everything you need to keep your car
running smoothly, from new stereo speakers to new radio wiring.
The engine choices on the 1964-1966 Impalas included small-block V8 engines, big-block V8s, and inline
six-cylinder models. Most cars were equipped with three-speed manual transmissions, while the big-block
V8 engine was a rare option. The car featured an inline six-cylinder engine that produced 105 horsepower
and 82 kW. The repositioned front seats provided more legroom, and a more aggressive look. The car was
also equipped with a four-speed manual transmission and an optional tachometer.
The 1964-2005 SS Impala SS used a 3.08 gear ratio and a limited-slip rear differential. The SS’
suspension was lowered one inch. The LT1 5.7-liter V8 was available as a standard on the 1964-66
Impala. It produced 260 horsepower. Chevrolet was preparing a massive 409-cid engine, so the SS was a
luxury car.
XM Satellite Radio
XM Satellite Radio was the standard audio system in the Chevrolet Impala. In addition to the XM
Satellite Radio, the car also had leather seats. The SS was a two-door model, and had standard leather
upholstery, as well as a leather-wrapped steering wheel and spoiler. In 2008, the SS received a 50th
Anniversary Edition, which included additional features such as a lowered center console, a sport-tuned
exhaust system, and a factory spoiler. This model was dropped from the Impala lineup, but it is likely to
make a comeback in the future.
Besides the XM Satellite Radio, the RetroSound Long Beach RetroRadio offers more advanced features
for a classic car. This radio features an AM/FM digital tuner with 30 presets, a built-in 300 watt amplifier,
a TrueRating(tm) of 25 watts RMS x four channels, dual RCA pre-outs, and a dedicated subwoofer
output. This radio also has a 32,000-color display.
SS models came with standard 3.08 gear and limited-slip rear differential. The SS had a one-inch lower
suspension than the Caprice. The SS also featured a 5.7-liter (350 cu in) small-block V8. This engine
developed 260 horsepower and was retuned from the prototype’s 300 hp rating.
Leather-appointed seats
The 1965 Chevrolet Impala SS has a distinctive black-out trim strip between the taillights and the grille,
which is missing on the regular model. The Impala SS is also notable for its rally-style electric clock in

the center console, and full instrumentation including a vacuum gage. This car is notable for the leather-
appointed seats, which make it comfortable and appealing. Leather-appointed seats are standard on all

1965 Impala models.

The SS is also offered as a police car in the ninth generation, with the 9C1 and 9C3 models based on the
LS. Both cars were equipped with a new engine and cooling system, and included features such as
aluminum wheels with wheel covers. They also featured a newly designed steering column and power
steering. Other features included in this car included leather-appointed seats, polished aluminum controls,
and optional rubber flooring.
The SS package included a lowered suspension, sport-tuned brakes, and optional dual exhaust pipes. SS

Impalas were also outfitted with chrome-accented door handles, body-colored door panels, and wood-
grain trim. In addition to the sporty appearance, the SS also featured a body-colored grille and rocker

moldings. The interior of the 1965 Impala SS is complemented by leather-appointed seats and a deluxe
Fog lamps
If your 1965 Impala is missing its radio, you can easily find the right replacement for it online. Several
radio and stereo parts are available, including faceplates and lenses. You can even find the car’s original
manual online. You can order the parts and have them shipped right to your door. Here are some helpful
tips to help you replace the broken radio:
Start by finding out what model your car is. If you know the year and model, you should find the radio
and other parts in an easy to install manner. Check the dashboard for any damage. You can also find the
radio’s wiring harness. It is possible to find the right radio for your 1965 SS Impala by searching for the
right model year and model number on the internet. This will ensure the best fit for your vehicle.
If you want a specific model, make sure to know its specifications. SS models come with a body-color
dashboard moulding and brushed aluminum wheels. They also include center-mounted wipers and an
optional SS-style spoiler. In the interior, there are leather seats embroidered with the SS logo. For the SS,
the dashboard features a center console with cup holders and a storage compartment. The Impala was sold
in Canada in right-hand drive versions. It also had amber-flashing rear indicators, as red was illegal in
Right-hand drive
If you’re looking to add a new CD player to your right-hand-drive 1965 Chevrolet Impala, consider the
CD-1 external CD player. This player plugs into the factory-installed radio and measures 7 inches by 1
inch. It comes with a 10-foot cable, which makes it easy to mount under a seat, in a glove compartment,
or even in the trunk. You can also add a USB-based MP3 player by using the port.
SS stands for “Super Sport.” It was the first muscle car to be sold in the United States. The Impala SS was
introduced in December 1960. This model’s name has been associated with performance and style since
then, and the car gained a prestigious reputation for being a’sports car’. However, the 1965 SS lacked
some of the modern conveniences, such as power steering and automatic transmission.
The Impala became a separate model line in 1965. It sported a larger, four-cylinder V8 engine, and the SS
was offered with either a manual transmission or a standard automatic transmission. The Impala was the
second best-selling convertible in the US in 1966, selling 38,000 units, and beating the Ford Mustang by
almost 2:1. It was available in two trim levels, a four-door hardtop and a convertible.
SS appearance package
The SS appearance package was first introduced for the 1955 Chevrolet Impala. The SS featured a
streamlined grille, side vents, and rear spoiler. Other standard features included leather seating and a
factory spoiler. The interior included wood trim and chrome accents on most control knobs. The Impala’s
center console was similar to those of the Buick and Cadillac DTS.

The Chevrolet Impala continued to evolve and improve in 1964. It was updated with an engine restyle and

the inverted U shaped trim strip above the taillights. SS models were equipped with a powerful 409 cubic-
inch V8 with 360 horsepower and could reach 60 mph in seven seconds. It was also available with a range

of other engine options. A convertible model offered a higher performance V-8 with up to 430
While the SS appearance package was primarily an appeal package, Chevrolet did offer a performance
version in the mid-1960s. The SS 427 was available on the 1967-1969 two-door Impala. The car was
equipped with a 427 cubic-inch V8 with F41 Sport Suspension and redline tires. In 1968, the Chevrolet
Impala SS was equipped with unique SS 427 badges on its hood.
The SS appearance package was optional on convertible models. It was also equipped with a 3.08 gear.
The SS had a limited-slip rear differential. The SS was one inch lower than the other models. The SS
featured a 5.7-liter (350 cubic-inch) small-block V8 that produced 260 horsepower. The SS was equipped
with active fuel management, which meant that it had a slightly higher top speed.

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