Sunday, December 4, 2022

Accident On 495 Today


Cause of Accident on 495 Today

In an ongoing investigation, investigators are trying to determine the cause of a fatal accident on Interstate 495 today. The drivers of both vehicles are in their fifties. The driver of the Lincoln MKZ, a 53-year-old man from Newark, DE, was killed. The passenger of the Lincoln MKZ, a 53-year-old man from New Castle, DE, was restrained but was still taken to an area hospital with minor injuries. The driver of a Honda Accord, the other vehicle involved, was not restrained and suffered serious injuries. I-495 northbound was closed for five hours.

Two-vehicle crash on Interstate 495 in Chelmsford

A deer was killed in a two-vehicle crash on Interstate 425 in Chelmsford today, and one vehicle remains at the scene. Northbound and southbound lanes of I-495 were closed until at least 10 a.m., while troopers investigated. Further details will be released as they become available. A 53-year-old Acton man was the driver and operator of the SUV. Police have not yet identified his identity. The SUV reportedly hit a deer at the 87-1/2 mile marker on I-495 North, went airborne and struck several trees. The SUV was recovered from the cropping of the median by state troopers.

A deer was hit by an SUV at the 87.5-mile marker of Interstate 495 in Chelmsford today, sending it off the road. The SUV struck several trees before coming to rest in the median. The driver and a passenger were killed in the crash. The SUV was still being searched for the deceased passenger, though. The accident is still under investigation, but troopers are confident that both drivers are not at fault.

Tractor-trailer fire on I-495 in Fairfax County

There was a major accident on I-495 today in Fairfax County, Virginia, that shut down several lanes in both directions, affecting traffic on both sides of the highway. The crash occurred on the southbound side of I-495 just before Lee Highway. As of this morning, there were no injuries reported, but the accident is likely to cause long delays in traffic. Until more information is available, readers are encouraged to stay tuned to FOX 5 and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

Fire officials responded to the scene after four p.m. and extinguished the fire. The tractor-trailer was then removed by a tow truck. Neither driver was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash. A hazmat crew was also called to the scene. Fairfax County police and fire officials continue to investigate the accident. The crash remains under investigation, but more details will be released soon.

Nissan Rogue collides with deer on I-495 in Chelmsford

A Nissan Rogue crashed into a deer on Interstate 495 in Chelmsford early this morning, killing two people inside. Rudolph Vah, 53, and Jartu Flamma, 53, were killed. Police responded to the scene at around 4:50 a.m. The SUV struck the deer and then veered into the median, hitting several trees along the way. Troopers later found the SUV in the median, cropping some trees.

The driver and passenger of the Nissan Rogue were killed, as was the deer. The SUV hit a deer while traveling southbound on the freeway and then hit a median and trees. The driver, Rudolph Vah, was pronounced dead at the scene, as was his passenger Jartu Flamma. The crash left I-495’s left lanes closed for about two hours, and the investigation is ongoing.

Honda Accord operator not properly restrained

A crash involving a Honda Accord, a Jeep, and a Chevrolet pickup has closed part of Interstate 495 in Amesbury, Massachusetts. Although the occupants of the Jeep and the pickup were unharmed, the 23-year-old operator of the Honda Accord was critically injured. The accident shut down I-495 for more than four hours, and four people were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Video footage from a dash-cam shows the crash. The Raptor driver can be heard pacing the right lane and brake-checking the Accord. He appears to be trying to hold onto the left lane, preventing the sedan from passing. The video does not reveal whether the Raptor and Accord had a prior run-in, but it appears the driver may have wanted to pass the sedan ahead.

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