Sunday, December 4, 2022

Bad Accident On I-75 Today


Bad Accident on I-75 Today

You’ve probably seen news stories about the bad accident on Interstate 75 today. A motorcyclist was killed in a crash, a gas tank-laden tractor-trailer hit a pickup truck and a gravel hauler caught fire. Another article mentions that a semi-trailer driver was thrown from his rig after swerving to avoid a collision and causing the crash. Regardless of your perspective, there are plenty of reasons why this accident occurred, and a few tips to avoid getting into one.

a motorcyclist was killed in a crash on i-75

A crash on I-75 in Detroit today claimed the life of a motorcyclist. The crash involved three vehicles, including a motorcycle. A passenger car swerved to avoid a construction sign, crashing into the motorcycle that was in the next lane. Fortunately, the motorcycle driver was wearing a helmet, but it’s still not clear what caused the crash.

a semi-trailer carrying gas tanks crashed into a tractor-trailer

A semi-trailer carrying gas tanks plowed into a tractor-trailer on Interstate 75 today, causing a large pileup. The accident shut down both directions of the highway and closed a section of I-75 in Lee County. The truck was on fire and fell onto westbound Alico Road. Crews were able to lower the truck and trailer from the highway.

a pickup truck caught fire after it was hit by a double gravel hauler

A Michigan State Police crash reconstruction team responded to the scene of a fiery collision involving a pickup truck and a double gravel hauler on I-75 today. The truck driver was killed, the tanker driver sustained minor injuries, and the semi-tanker trailer fell onto the Dodge Charger on the shoulder of the road. The semi-tanker and the pickup truck driver were not injured in the crash, and neither was the truck driver.

a semi-trailer driver ejected from his rig after swerving to avoid collision

An unidentified semi-trailer driver was ejected from his rig today after he swerved to miss hitting a truck. The truck hit a blue tractor trailer, a white tractor trailer, and a box truck. The tractor-trailer swerved so far off course that it crashed into the median and overturned. The driver and the passenger of the blue tractor trailer were killed in the crash. The driver and passenger of the unknown-colored tractor trailer were taken to a hospital and EMS was contacted. The wreck is currently under investigation and a Specialized Collision Reconstruction Team is investigating.

a semi-trailer carrying gravel caught

A semi-trailer carrying gravel was caught in a bad accident on I 75 today, killing the driver of a pickup truck. The truck hit another semi-tanker, which then detachment itself onto a Dodge Charger parked on the freeway shoulder. The pickup truck was destroyed, and the truck driver, who was a woman, was pronounced dead at the scene. The semi-tanker driver and passenger in the pickup truck were not injured, but the accident was a major disruption of traffic for the day, closing the highway for nearly eight hours.

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