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Cities In Missouri


Cities in Missouri – The Midwestern Gem

If you are looking to relocate to the Midwest, cities in Missouri are a great choice. This Midwestern state ranks twenty-first in total land area and borders eight other states. To the north, the state borders Iowa; to the east, Illinois; and to the south, Kentucky; Tennessee; and to the west, Oklahoma and Kansas. The state is home to a vibrant and dynamic culture, with a diverse range of industries and customs.

In Missouri, there are three classifications of cities: Class 3 cities, class 4 and constitution charter cities. Class 3 cities are municipalities with a population between 500 and 3,000. Class 4 cities have a population between two thousand and two nine-nine-nine-nine thousand. Constitutional charter cities are incorporated under constitutional charters and have more flexibility than Class 3 cities. Villages, with populations under 500, are considered unincorporated municipalities.

The state’s largest city, Kansas City, is home to 459,787 people and is the 37th largest city in the country. The city was established in the 1830s as a port city on the Missouri River. Today, it spans multiple counties, with the majority of the city located in Jackson County, with small portions spilling into Platte and Clay counties. Its distinctive barbecue style is a signature of Kansas City.

Missouri has a unique balance of rural and urban areas, liberal and conservative. Its top cities, such as St. Louis, are highly industrialized and highly developed, while its rural regions retain their conservative characteristics that were present before the 1930s. The state’s nickname, the Show-Me State, is indicative of its skepticism about change. However, the state is home to many thriving cities. The state has a wide variety of restaurants and attractions.


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