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Helium 10 Developer Jobs


Helium 10 Developer Jobs

For individuals interested in an exciting job that utilizes new and cutting-edge technology, consider developing applications for Helium 10. At Helium 10, you will be part of a dynamic team where you can work with the latest IT developments. You will also enjoy the company’s support for individual employees, which means you will receive ongoing professional development and comfortable working conditions. To find out more about the developer positions available, keep reading! This article will give you a brief overview of the differences between Helium 10 and Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout vs. Helium 10

While both products provide a range of tools, Jungle Scout is easier to use and more intuitive than Helium 10. For instance, you can input a category and set of data, such as the number of items sold in a given month, and Jungle Scout will tell you whether the niche has enough potential to generate sales. Helium 10 also offers similar tools, such as product research. Trendster is an example of this, tracking ASINs and analyzing patterns and trends. It can also suggest product crossovers and other niches that can generate sales.

Both products are a good choice for those looking for a developer job on Amazon. Jungle Scout provides an intuitive interface while Helium uses an overly complicated one. Both companies require that developers have an understanding of how their products work and have some experience in web development. Both programs also have an attractive free trial period and are worth considering. The best way to decide if one is right for you is to try them both.

Price structure

The Helium 10 pricing structure is easy to understand, with five different tiers of functionality. With so many tiers and so much functionality, there’s something for everyone – and every budget. In addition to the four paid tiers, the company also offers a la carte options. You can choose what features you want for as little as $99 per month, or pay more for additional functionality.

The cost structure of Helium 10 developer jobs is based on the amount of work you’ll be expected to do. A developer with more than one year of experience is likely to be paid more than someone who doesn’t. A typical week’s work will be valued at about $2,000. For example, a developer working on a single project might charge $600. Another developer might charge up to $1,500.

Customer support

Are you a passionate customer support person and looking for a new challenge? Are you looking for a fast-paced and high-profile company to join? Customer support is crucial to the success of any tech company. Customer support reps play a vital role in ensuring that the products are working correctly and delivering the desired results. Customer support representatives at Helium 10 are a great fit for this position, as they will help the company expand its client base and increase revenue.

Helium 10 is a software company that builds tools for Amazon merchants, with the aim of providing them with the tools to grow and optimize their businesses. The company is headquartered in Irvine, California, and is home to 1 patent. Their software platform, Tradeswell, unifies marketing, retail, and logistics using machine learning. The company’s software enables customers to see a customer’s buying behavior and automatically take action.


One of the best features of Helium 10 is its extensive integration with Alibaba. With the help of this integration, you can search through the products of Alibaba and get detailed information about their margins. Moreover, you can analyze sales and performance data of your product. In addition, you can use the X-ray tool to get detailed insights about pricing, trends, and more. As a developer, you can take advantage of this powerful integration to find your developer job.

The most popular single-user plan in Helium 10 costs $99 per month. This plan includes the most features while limiting your access to some tools. If you need more advanced features, you can choose from four paid plans. You can also select a custom plan to customize the features that you need. There are four types of plans: free, premium, and single-user. The free plan is designed for people who only need to use the software occasionally.

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