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How to Obtain the Minor Corrupted Trophy in World of Warcraft


In the game World of Warcraft, you can obtain the Minor Corrupted Trophy by completing a crafting blueprint. This rare blueprint can be obtained after you reach the Furnishing Level 75 and have reached Workshop Tier 3 or 4. This achievement requires crafting a certain item. Obtaining it is quite easy if you have a lot of items. Read on to find out how to obtain this rare item.

Crafting blueprint

A crafted item called a “Crafting Blueprint” will allow you to make a variety of items for various purposes. The crafting process is much easier if you have all the necessary materials at hand. A recipe can be a permanent teaching tool and can be obtained by crafting specific items. If you are trying to craft a trophy for a specific purpose, you must be able to gather the required materials. You can obtain schematics for crafting items from a Recipe Book.

If you have a crafting station that is one tier higher than the trophy that you are trying to craft, you should be able to complete the crafting process. For instance, if you are trying to craft a Tier 4 trophy, you’ll need to craft a blueprint from Tier 5. Once you have acquired all the materials, you’ll be able to obtain any Trophy in the New World.

Requires 150 furnishing

Getting the Minor Corrupted Trophy in the New World is easy to accomplish. You will need 150 furnishing to obtain it. You can also start your business with this trade skill by unlocking all of the blueprints in the New World. There are many furnishing items to craft, but you should focus on those that are the most profitable for selling. This article will go over the different furnishing items and the requirements needed for them.

To level up in the Furnishing trade skill in the New World, you can purchase or gather materials. Using materials is the fastest way to level up. You will need 77,375 XP to reach level 75 in this trade skill. After that, you will need to purchase materials. The best way to get to level 75 in Furnishing is to collect as many materials as you can and purchase them in the marketplace.

Increases Luck rate

While many players claim that the luck system in the New World does not work, one Reddit user has proven that it does. He has found a way to increase his luck rate by 1% while testing rarer loot on thousands of boars. Here are his findings:

Crafting trophies is an important aspect of New World gaming. Crafting trophies gives you useful passive effects, which can improve your damage output, gather more items, or increase your luck rate. Crafting these items requires you to have a high enough Furnishing skill to unlock the ability to craft Trophies. The bonus granted by the trophies varies, but they all work to increase your luck rate and increase your skill level.


In the New World, you can earn new trophies as you complete quests. The trophy itself can inspire you to face certain enemies. When placed in your home, it gives you 3% more damage against the corrupted and their zealot armies. This makes it an excellent way to level up your characters without spending hours grinding for a higher level. You can also use the trophy to gain a buff by flaying hides or mining ore.

You can collect trophies in the New World to increase your damage and character strength. You need a house to place them, but each house holds up to five of each. Unlike in the Old World, you can have multiple copies of the same trophy in different houses. However, if you place the same trophy in different houses, the effects will stack. Therefore, you should avoid having multiple copies of the same trophy running at the same time.

Obtaining the new trophy requires some materials. You can get these materials by increasing your crafting skills. You can also upgrade your Trophies in the New World by getting all the materials you need to make them. The minor loot luck trophy requires 100 furnishing, so you will need a tier 3 workshop. You can purchase materials at an auction house or hire a friend to do the work for you.

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