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Lamborghini Involved In A TikTok Car Accident


Lamborghini Involved In A TikTok Car Accident

TikTok video

A TikTok video of a Lamborghini car accident has gone viral online, with more than 37 million views. The video was uploaded by Matthew Heller, CEO and Founder of Trainhorns. In it, the Lamborghini is seen stopping at a petrol station, and an Audi driver runs into the back of it. The video has received widespread attention and generated slanderous comments from many on the social network.

In the video, a woman in an Audi sedan approaches Heller’s car after the accident and says “okay, I’ll call the police, I’ll call them and sort it out.” She then shows Heller the CCTV footage of the accident, which shows the Audi rear-ending the Lamborghini. The video has been shared over a million times and received more than five million ‘likes’ and thousands of comments.


A video of a Lamborghini Aventador being rear-ended by an Audi went viral after it was posted on TikTok. It garnered millions of views and thousands of comments, triggering national news coverage. However, it is not entirely clear what caused this car accident.

The video shows a woman driving an Audi ramming into a Lamborghini. The Lamborghini stops at a petrol station, and the Audi sideswipes it from behind. The video went viral and received over 40 million views and 6 million likes on social media. The video also included additional security camera footage of the accident.


A Lamborghini involved in a TikTok car accident is making the news today. A video of the car accident was posted by a man named Matt Heller and quickly went viral. It garnered millions of views and thousands of comments. It also generated national news coverage.

In the video, the Lamborghini driver illegally overtook the Audi and nearly hit the bicyclist. The woman driving the Audi claims that the Lamborghini “swiped” her car with its back end. But the video shows images of the Lamborghini’s white paint job and markings on its rear side panels.


Gilsoul admitted to ramming a Lamborghini and claiming that the Lamborghini was his payback. In two separate videos he posted on the TikTok app, Gilsoul explained that the Lamborghini was his payoff for rear-ending another vehicle. Afterwards, he deleted the comment in an apparent attempt to avoid admitting his mistake. But Heller was able to provide screenshots of Gilsoul’s comments and provided evidence of his invoice.

Video footage of the incident has been viewed over 40 million times and 6 million times on social media. The crash video shows a white Lamborghini stopped at a petrol station when an Audi car suddenly sideswiping the car. The Lamborghini had a yellow light, and the Audi driver failed to turn it on, causing the Lamborghini to side-swipe the car. The accident was captured on a security camera. The Lamborghini driver’s side was not damaged. However, Gilsoul’s video shows damage to the Aventador’s quarter panel.

Matt Heller

A TikTok user recently uploaded a video showing a car crash involving a Lamborghini and an Audi. The incident has garnered more than eleven thousand views. However, the video has also attracted the ire of some TikTok users. Some users claim that the man driving the Audi side-swiped Heller’s Lamborghini, while others point out that the driver of the Lamborghini rear-ended the car first.

Matt Heller was initially blamed for the accident, but new footage has thrown into question the initial accusations. In the first clip, Maddy blamed Heller, saying he “hit my car before driving away.” However, the video shows Heller driving away, while Maddy remained in the car behind him. The crash caused minor damage to Heller’s car, but the video went viral.

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