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The role of a Medical Review Officer is critical to a successful drug testing program. Not all positive drug test results are caused by tampered specimens, so the expertise of a Medical Review Officer is vital. The Department of Health and Human Services calls for the expertise of a Medical Review Officer in drug testing programs. Here are three reasons why. Read on to learn more. KINNECT MEDICAL REVIEW OFFICER SERVICES


KINNECT Medical Review Officer Services are specialist doctors who assist organisations with interpreting drug results. They have specialist knowledge of the medications used. They are accredited by the Australian Medical Review Officers Association and abide by the highest levels of confidentiality and privacy. They also adhere to relevant legislation. In a nutshell, KINNECT Medical Review Officer Services make it easy to get medical advice on drugs. Read on to learn more about the services provided.


MROs are licensed physicians who review and comment on test results for the health and safety of individuals. In this role, medical review officers are required to understand the toxicology and pharmacology of drugs, as well as federal regulations governing drug testing. The duties of these professionals also include conducting interviews with donors and non-negative testers. Typically, medical review officers provide feedback to collection sites, federal agencies, and employers.


The SteroidConfirm medical review office service enables you to get your steroid test results with greater confidence than ever before. The medical review officer will analyze each specimen directly, protecting the privacy of your donor’s medical records. The laboratory will use state-of-the-art technology to ensure that the results are accurate. The medical review office will also provide a report on your results so that you can consult with your doctor if necessary.


The KINNECT Medical Review Officer assists organisations by interpreting drug test results. He or she has specialised training and knowledge of medications. Accredited by the Australian Medical Review Officers Association, this expert adheres to strict confidentiality and privacy standards. He or she also complies with relevant legislation. KINNECT Medical Review Officers are highly-experienced, qualified and experienced. To become a Medical Review Officer, you must be a medical doctor and have some relevant experience.

MRO certification

Dr David Fletcher, a certified Medical Review Officer (MRO), is a member of the American Association of Medical Review Officers. He has been certified as an MRO continuously since 1990 and last renewed his certification in December 2018. Dr Fletcher has served as an MRO since 1989. The role of the MRO was developed by the US Department of Transportation concurrently with the implementation of the first Federal drug testing programs. Those programs require that a licensed physician review drug test results.


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