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Olathe School Shooting Today


What Happened at an Olathe School Shooting Today?

You might be wondering what happened at an Olathe school shooting today. There is one person charged with attempted capital murder, and the student’s father is a Wichita Public Schools athletic director. Stoppel, who was wounded in the shooting, jumped on Elmore to wrestle away his gun. He is a Wichita Public Schools assistant principal and incoming athletic director. We will be updating this story as we learn more.

Kaleb Stoppel injured in olathe school shooting

Two people who were involved in the Olathe school shooting are assistant principal Kaleb Stoppel and student Erik Clark. Clark and Stoppel were hospitalized after the incident, but have since been released. Stoppel and Clark were among the three students wounded in the shooting. The affidavit said that Stoppel was able to grab Elmore’s gun and hold on until the student began vomiting. After he awoke, he realized he and Clark had been shot. While the affidavit did not specify which of the shots hit Stoppel, it did note that the student and the assistant principal were both struck.

A court document released on March 6 details the shooting at Olathe East High School. Jaylon Desean Elmore, 18, was arrested and charged with attempted capital murder, a felony. After the shooting, an assistant principal at the school called in SRO Erik Clark, who immediately took action. On March 6, police released an affidavit detailing the details of the incident.

A spokesman for the district says the motive for the Olathe school shooting is still unknown. The prosecutor’s office has not released a probable cause affidavit, but the district said Clark was a former Olathe East student. It is unclear how long Stoppel was employed at Olathe East High School. His contract with the school district was scheduled to begin in July. The school district has not responded to requests for an interview with him.

Stoppel is incoming athletic director for Wichita Public Schools

Kaleb Stoppel has been named the new athletic director of Wichita Public Schools. He was an assistant principal at Olathe East High School before being selected in January to take over from J. Means, who was fired from his post after the shooting at his school. Police say a student displayed a gun in the main office before exchanging shots with a school resource officer.

Stoppel has extensive experience in the athletic field. He is a graduate of Friends University and served as a missionary in Africa for 35 years. He was also a coach for the football and wrestling teams. He has lived in Wichita for the past 22 years and has coached at all levels of the school system. His interests include playing golf, family activities, and hobbies.

Despite the high cost of the new superintendent, Stoppel has already paved the way for a new era of Wichita Public Schools athletics. In addition to tackling overcrowding, he is also a candidate for the district’s Board of Education position. For more information, visit

Jaylon Elmore charged with attempted capital murder

The 18-year-old student who opened fire at Olathe East High School in Kansas is facing charges of attempted capital murder. The incident happened after the shooting of school resource officer Erik Clark. The two officers responded to a call of an alleged “administrative matter” in Olathe’s East High School, and Clark and Elmore exchanged shots. Both were shot, and Elmore was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

The student was shot and wounded after he refused to open a bag in the administrator’s office. The shooting continued after the resource officer called the school’s principal, who initiated a lockdown. Elmore, the assistant principal, and the school resource officer were all transported to the hospital. The suspect was released from the hospital the next day, but the school resource officer and assistant principal remained in critical condition.

The incident happened on April 20 at a Kansas high school. The student reportedly pulled a gun from his backpack and sped up the pace. The assistant principal, Kaleb Stoppel, yelled for the students to go outside and confront the shooter. The students hurled several threats at the assistant principal, who then returned fire and shot Elmore.

Stoppel jumped on Elmore to wrestle gun away

The shooting at an Olathe school this morning ended in an incredible scene. The school resource officer and assistant principal were both wounded in the incident. Student Jay Elmore was carrying a gun when he pulled it out and shot himself. The assistant principal alerted Stoppel and the school resource officer who immediately went into the school to search Elmore. Stoppel jumped on Elmore and wrestled the gun away from him.

The Olathe shooting was the first school shooting since the establishment of USD 259 and Wichita Public Schools. Police said that the shooting occurred in the main office when a student pulled out a gun and displayed it. A school resource officer and the student exchanged shots before Stoppel jumped on Elmore and swung the gun away. In addition to his background in sports, Stoppel also served as an assistant principal at Olathe East.

After the shooting, the Olathe Police Department received a call about a student firing a gun inside the school. The Olathe school shooting victim was Jaylon Elmore, an 18-year-old student. He was charged with attempted capital murder. The officer returned fire and wounded Elmore in the process. After the shooting, Elmore was taken to the hospital to receive treatment. A preliminary hearing for him is scheduled for Thursday.

Elmore was a student at California Trail Middle School

A student named Jaylon Desean Elmore was charged with attempted capital murder. Elmore shot a student and an Olathe police officer while they were discussing an incident at the school. According to the Olathe police, Elmore produced a handgun during an exchange of fire. Elmore remains in critical condition. His bail has not yet been set and he is expected to appear in court Monday.

On Facebook, the Olathe Police Department responded to the shooting with officers holding a rifle. A spokesperson said another patient was in critical but stable condition. The other two patients are unknown. A spokesperson for the hospital said more details will be available at 5 p.m. on Friday. Meanwhile, Amanda Chitty, a mother of a 15-year-old student at California Trail Middle School in Olathe, was waiting outside the school.

The school administration and police have been notified and are working with Olathe Public Schools to finalize reunification plans. The school will be closed until 7 p.m. Friday, and counselors will be at California Trail Middle School until 7 p.m. The police are offering support to students, faculty, and staff. In the meantime, the Olathe Police Department and the FBI are offering prayers for the students and staff.

Elmore is expected to survive

Jaylon Elmore has been charged with attempted capital murder after the Olathe East High School shooting today. He is a student at the school and had a prior conviction for aggravated robbery. The Olathe school shooting also injured an Olathe East High School administrator and school resource officer, Erik Clark. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition. The Olathe police ministry and school administration are unsure of Elmore’s condition, but the teen is expected to survive.

A police report says that the student who shot the school resource officer, Erik Clark, was armed with a handgun. Clark, who was shot by the student, shot back at Elmore, threatening his life. The Olathe police department praised Clark for acting quickly to stop the shooting and save the life of two students. After the shooting, Elmore was taken to the hospital, where he will undergo surgery.

The principal at Olathe East High School, Kerry Lane, told investigators that the students and assistant principals were attempting to recover Elmore’s gun at the school when the shooting occurred. He heard the shots, smelled smoke and saw the door to Stoppel’s office open. He also said that the gun was not in Elmore’s possession. The affidavit redacted the identity of the sender and phone number.

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