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Viridian Weapon Tech Megan and the Land of the Free Gun Giveaway


If you are looking for a good gun to protect yourself and your family, Viridian Weapon Tech
Megan is the right place to start. This company manufactures a wide variety of firearms and
tactical gear. Its corporate office is located at 5475 Pioneer Creek Dr., Maple Plain, Minnesota,
with 31 employees. Their mission is to create new and innovative products that are both
efficient and effective. To keep in touch with them, check out their Facebook page or visit their
website for more information.
Viridian weapon tech megan
Viridian Weapon Technologies is an innovative company that designs and manufactures
firearms, tactical gear, and accessories. The company has its headquarters in Maple Plain,
Minnesota, and has more than 30 employees. The company is committed to developing and
manufacturing cutting-edge technologies for the self-defense needs of Americans. You can
learn more about its products on its Facebook page. You can also visit the company’s website
to learn more about their products.
Viridian Weapon Technologies is a manufacturer of tactical and defensive firearms and related
accessories. Their corporate office is located at 5475 Pioneer Creek Dr.
in Maple Plain,
Minnesota, and has approximately 32 employees. The company provides competitive pricing,
fast shipping, and unique selections from around the world. Here are the products available
from Viridian Weapon Technologies. You can shop online for Viridian Weapon Technologies
products today.
The Viridian TacLight is a powerful, 178 lumen weapon light. Its beam intensity and explosive
strobe make it more effective than standard weapon lights. Using Viridian’s green laser, you
can see in the dark as well as in the daylight. The Viridian TacLight fits snugly into a pistol and
is easily visible even indoors.

Corporate office
Viridian Weapon Technologies is a leading manufacturer of firearms and tactical gear. The
corporate office is located at 5475 Pioneer Creek Dr., Maple Plain, Minnesota. The company
employs around thirty-one people and is dedicated to developing cutting-edge technologies.
Viridian designs compact yet powerful self-defense products and builds them in the United
States. For more information, visit the company’s website.
Land of the Free Gun Giveaway
The Land of the Free Gun Giveaway for Viridani Weapon Technologies is open to legal
residents of the United States and the District of Columbia. Employees of companies affiliated
with the giveaway, including Crossbreed Holsters and Laser Aiming Systems Corporation, are
not eligible to enter the giveaway. All rules and regulations of the giveaway are available at
Those who wish to enter the giveaway must be at least 18 years of age and a legal resident of
the United States and the District of Columbia. The giveaway is sponsored and administered
by Brand Avalanche Media. The winners must return the prizes promptly to Virididian. To enter,
simply follow Viridian on Instagram and complete the online form.
The giveaway will close on
April 30, 2019.
For the contest, Viridian Weapon Technologies has teamed up with Springfield Armory, Alien
Gear, Champion Traps and Targets, and Norma. A lucky winner of this contest will receive a
prize pack that includes a new Sig Sauer P226P and a Norma pistol. In addition, Viridian is
offering a free gun to a lucky winner who completes the entry form.

Prizes: Each winner receives a firearm, standard accessories, and a laser. If applicable state
laws require a different model, the Sponsor will substitute another state-compliant model.
Depending on the jurisdiction, the prize cannot be exchanged for cash or other prizes. While
the winner’s name is publicly announced, they must respond within 48 hours to claim their
prize. Lastly, winners must be legal residents of their state and pass a background check
before they may take possession of the prize.


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