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December 20, 2021
Wrapping everything up for Christmas can be exciting, but for businesses, wrapping up might prove to be a little less exciting.
Tying up loose ends, sending out communications to staff, customers and clients, all the while ensuring your brand’s still gaining exposure whilst shut for the festive season can be a tough task.
However, with our simple Christmas marketing checklist, we can make things a little easier.
Forgetting to update your Google My Business (GMB) hours can disgruntle customers. It might be the case that your GMB listed hours communicate that you’re open, meaning a loyal customer may visit your shop or premises to find that you’re actually closed. On the flip side, a customer might want to visit your store and quickly Google your brand to check your Christmas opening times, only to find out that your business is closed and you lose out on their custom.
Setting your Google My Business hours is just as important as all other aspects of your Christmas marketing, so be sure to keep on top of your listed times.
If you’ve changed your GMB hours, you’ll have to change your opening hours on social media as well. You don’t want to be confusing customers with opening hours that contradict one another. Time around Christmas is precious, so be vigilant and check your opening hours to ensure you keep your happy customers up to date with accurate shopping times.
A typical household in the UK will spend a little over £2,500 each month. However, in the weeks leading up to Christmas, our spending habits shift. In December, we spend over £740 more on average, or 29% more than in a usual month.
Although this feels like a prime time to be advertising your products or services, it’s also a great time to let your brand’s messaging shine. Mix up your social posts, allow an 80%/20 split.
80% of your social media posts should be focused on engaging with your target audience, sharing the latest news, or sharing the Christmas cheer, leaving 20% of your Christmas social strategy to drive sales.
So make sure to spend some time promoting what sells best at Christmas and compare your brand to its competitors to see if you can gain any insight or inspiration.
As we’ve already covered, social is hugely important at Christmas and New Year, as all businesses are looking for the opportunity to grab the attention of customers – which tends to lead to light-hearted brand wars.
Keep on the lookout for reactive marketing opportunities. Where you can, respond to another brand with a funny comment, or whip up a graphic in good time. You never know just how much brand awareness you can reap from something so simple.
Lastly, schedule your social posts. Scheduling platforms are amazing – they’re every content creator’s best friend. Scheduling posts allows your brand to be active on social media, even when your team is off celebrating with loved ones.
When scheduling posts, take advantage of online tools such as Canva and Unsplash, so you can mix up the media you share. Share memes, videos, infographics, newsletters, interesting stats – anything that’s at your fingertips. Have fun with it!
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